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Element Beverage Company was established in 2016 by our son Devin Espadron while a senior at St. Augustine High School. For extra curriculum credits, Devin enrolled in the school’s entrepreneurship program. After attending a class trip to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA., Devin was intrigued with his visit at Coca-Cola, he returned home and decided to start a beverage company. Devin loved his grandmother’s homemade lemonade. He spent countless hours consulting with his grandmother in the kitchen with her mixing different fruits and sweeteners together until he developed a unique flavor like no other, Pineapple Lemonade. The company’s name, Element and the logo E1, derived from Devin’s chemistry class, the element periodic table and his view of the world, “The earth is a mixture of elements”. The business officially manifested when Devin started selling his homemade lemonade in one-gallon jars to family, friends, local businesses and food festivals in New Orleans. After graduation, with the money he saved from sales and the help of his parents, Devin purchased several beverage dispensers. He went door-to-door to local businesses selling his lemonade and placing his dispensers in their stores. 


The big buzz of the delicious taste of Element Pineapple Lemonade quickly spread throughout the city of New Orleans. More businesses requested Element in their stores. Devin quickly realized due to the short shelf life of a homemade product, large orders that had to be  constantly fulfilled and the vast need to reach a larger platform of customers, he had to revamp his rapidly growing business. Devin fearlessly welcome the challenges of bottling his own product. In 2018, Element’s Pineapple Lemonade was formulated and bottled. In that same year two additional flavors were developed, Strawberry and Tropical Fruit Lemonades. Devin’s dreams of having his products formulated and on store shelves finally came true. His next big dream was to land a lucrative deal with Coca-Cola. 

Sadly, Devin’s precious was cut short by senseless gun violence in the city he loved so dearly, New Orleans, on November 19, 2019. Despite the tremendous loss of Devin, his passion, dreams and legacy of Element Beverages continues to live through his parents’. The company is currently owned and operated by his parents David Espadron and Keishia Deverney, Element2 Beverages, DBA Element Beverages. Devin’s diligence, hard work and determination of branding Element Beverages continues to reach large spectrum of customers today. Devin’s Legacy Lives On. We, the parents’, of Devin want to thank everyone for their prayers love and support of our son, Devin and Element Beverages. God Bless and Thank you .

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