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From the day of conception, we knew a king was born.  We loved, adored and cherished everything about you Devin, you were our world.  We watched our son evolve from a little boy who dreamed of being a farmer and owning a farm. We would all say, okay Devin. This dream was nurtured with the purchases of toy farm animals and farm equipment.  Next, Devin would discover his love for horses, again, we nurtured his dreams. We enrolled him in weekly horse riding lessons and began collecting antique horse statues.  Our son was an advent swimmer at Bellemeade Swim Club, many medals were won at various swim meets. Devin developed a love for basketball where he played Point Guard for several school teams.  Again, we nurtured his dreams. Eventually, Devin would fall in love with music, where he spent countless hours at Loyola University recording studio, producing phenomenal music, we nurtured his artistic talents.


Devin had many ideas of being his own boss. St. Augustine High School, Ms. Davis, his purple knight peers and alumni, We Thank You for helping Devin evolve into a confident, ambitious and fearless young man. We watched how his ideas and thinking abilities matured, he became an unstoppable machine. Ms. Davis, Thank you, Devin adored you and we know you adored him. Your teaching, love and support of Devin is where Element Beverage Company began. Devin was proud to be a Purple Knight, he loved the brotherhood that St. Augustine High School represented. Mr. Dixon, we still remember and laugh about all your weekly disciplinary phone calls from 944-2424, this number is embedded in our hearts.  You are truly responsible for Devin being so meticulous about his haircuts and facial grooming.   We nurtured our prince dreams and ideas from a toddler.  He had dreams that came alive and will continue to live on.  When your dad and I thought you were not listening, we realize today that you really were.  The values and morals we instilled, you utilized them well and gave back to the community.  Son you left big shoes for your dad and I to fill.  You set the bar high and we are so proud of you.  Kiki and Dad will make you proud. Hail to our King, Hail to our King, Hail to Element Beverage Company your dream, your passion will live on. God, thank you for 22 WONDERFUL AND UNFORGETTABLE YEARS with DEVIN.  We will cherish the blessing of Devin, for we know he is now safe and resting with God. 


A Quote from Devin, “Create your

dreams, everyday is your moment

to achieve your aspirations.”


Love Always Dad and Kiki.

Thank you everyone for your

love and support

of our Son.

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